Meredith DeKalb Miller provides comprehensive experience in forensic document examination, consulting, and international training. We offer a global perspective in finding a unique solution to your case, problem or training needs. With over seventeen years of experience in the international forensic science community, we feel confidant that we can provide quality service in an efficient and honest manner to meet your needs.

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2 Rendered opinions in federal and state courts thirteen times:  U.S. v. Martinez, No. 01-CR-00098 (M.D. Fla. Filed June 20, 2001) (testified

Professional Experience

3 Aug. 2006-present             Forensic Document Examiner: Self Employed Perform forensic examinations on handwriting, signatures, typewriting, printing, and other documentary evidence to establish

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4 A standard retainer agreement will be issued to all clients before examinations commence to ensure all services and expenses are transparent. Meredith